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Lynne Luckow has the unusual skill of being able to move between teaching dogs and people seamlessly.  Her communication with both species is clear, concise, and objective while her reinforcement of both is always quick and very positive.  In working with her, I found that she has the uncanny knack to be able to immediately discern what her clients need and then quickly go to work helping them achieve their goals.  Lynne’s a problem solver.

My Dalmatian, Hartley, and I worked with Lynne to help instill a work ethic, any sort of work ethic, in him.  Hartley sometimes (okay, often!) had trouble focusing on what I cued him to do, especially as we were preparing for competition obedience trials, and instead would wander off to do his “own thing.”  Lynne observed this behavior and immediately was able to offer many suggestions to improve our working relationship.  By our next lesson, Hartley had improved tremendously and is now earning qualifying scores at trials!  

In every lesson we’ve had with Lynne, I’ve always found her to be extremely generous with her time, skills, and knowledge.  She's a great teacher and Hartley and I continue to learn from her today.

Loretta and "Hartley"  (2/2012)

Hi Tide's Tag Your It and D. Lynne Luckow, handler enjoying                         a USDAA agility trial.

Thank you for helping me reach my agility goals!! My dog is having fun and looks forward to our training sessions.



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