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Lynne Luckow has been involved with animals in her personal and professional lives since she was a child. Her upbringing included breeding and training Schutzhund dogs for search and rescue work for more than 20 years as part of her family’s Schutzhund business "Meister-Hof Kennels." She also campaigned dogs in the breed ring, achieving numerous American and Canadian championships. Lynne has been featured in a centerfold article, "CH Silverhills Peaches and Cream," in Dog Fancy magazine.

Lynne supported herself through college training and taming birds for local pet stores. After graduation, she owned and operated Tropical Oasis, a successful aquarium maintenance company, for more than 10 years. Working in close conjunction with Ken Schoenrock, Curator/Aquarist at the Milwaukee County Zoo, Lynne maintained one of the largest salt water aquariums, located in Paradise Mall, West Bend, WI, as well as aquariums at the Coco's restaurant chain, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and numerous celebrity homes.

For more than 40 years Lynne has been involved in the equestrian community as a rider and instructor/trainer in the field of Natural Horsemanship. She has trained under professionals such as John Lyons, Dave Seay, and Clinton Anderson.

Currently, Lynne is semi-retired from her business Healing Hands Therapy Center, LLC where she is a medical massage therapist and ayurvedic counselor certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra. Lynne teaches "The Magic of Healing" and "Creating Heath" classes and hosts a community-service group called "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” These experiences have given Lynne the necessary life skills and compassion to assist behavioral clients at Redline Canine Training Center, LLC. Caretaker fatigue is a common result of living with a dog with severe behavioral issues. Lynne is able to advocate strongly for these clients.

Lynne is passionate about agility, and has climbed to the Nationals level at a rapid pace. Along the way she has been able to incorporate the advantages of a strong dog/handler bond into her training program and has shown amazing results!  Introduced to clicker training in 2006 by a Canadian agility instructor, Lynne was referred to Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) to learn more about clicker training. Lynne graduated with distinction from Karen Pryor Academy in February 2011 under the instruction of Julie Shaw.

Continuing education:

Temple Grandin - On DOGS!, Melrose Park, Illinois-For your K-9, November 30, 2010

Clicker Expo 2011, Chicago, Illinois—Sessions and Labs with Julie Shaw, Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh, Kathy Sdao, and others; Lab coach for Emma Parsons and Tia Guest.

TAGteach International—Chicago,Illinois-Primary Level Certification with Theresa McKeon, March 2011

DOGS! Principles and Techniques of Behavior Modification-Purdue University-with Dr. Andrew Luescher, DMV, PhD, DACVB, ECVBM-CA, and Julie Shaw, RVT, June 2010

Summer Agility Handling Camp- Barrington, Illinois-with Jennifer Crank, Jen Pinder, Rachel Sanders and Mary Ellen Barry-July 29-August 1, 2011

Dogs! & Cats Diagnosis and Treatment of Behavior Problems for the Veterinarian-Purdue University (distance course) with Dr. Andrew Luescher, DMV,, PhD, DACVB, ECVMN-CA, KM Martin, DMV, and Debbie Martin, RVY, VTS (behavior), CPDT, KPA-CTP, August 2011

Shannon Jorgenson Handling Seminar- Victoria, BC- September 2011

Midwest Veterinary Conference- Behavior Track-Columbus, Ohio- February 23-26, 2012




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