Agility Foundations

Agility is a sport designed to build a remarkable relationship between the dog and handler.

Whether you're an experienced competitor or interested in simply learning more about the sport, Redline Canine Training Center is a premier agility training facility with certified, experienced coaches. Private lessons are available in 30 or 60-minute sessions and group classes include a wide range of skill levels, including foundations, beginner, intermediate, advanced and masters. Specialized handling, proofing and competition prep classes are also available for intermediate and experienced agility teams.


I'm new to agility. Where do I start?

A private lesson or the Foundations 1 class is the best place to start with if you and your dog have no prior agility experience. The Foundations 1 course builds up focus, body control, offering behaviors and shaping, as well as introduces obstacles.

I have experience in agility but am new to Redline. Where do I start?

If you and your dog have agility experience through another training facility or have trained agility at home, we recommend scheduling a free, complimentary consultation with owner and OneMind Dogs coach, D. Lynne Luckow. Consultations are 15 to 30 minutes long, and Lynne will provide an assessment of you and your dog's skills to recommend the appropriate group class placement. Please contact us to schedule.

Can I enroll my puppy in agility or do I need to wait until my puppy is a certain age?

Yes, your puppy can start agility at any age! At Redline, puppies start in our Foundations 1 class. To prevent injury, we focus on training groundwork, 2-on 2-off contacts, focus and other key agility foundations. Jump bars are removed completely or placed on the ground level and obstacles such as the dog walk, A-frame and weaves are not introduced until your dog is old enough to safely use them. Other foundational equipment such as travel planks are used in their place.

What do I need to bring to class and what does RCTC provide?

When you come to class, we ask that you bring plenty of treats, a treat bag or belt, a leash, and appropriate shoes for running on the turf. Corrective collars (prong, choke, shock) are not allowed on the premises. If your dog uses a tug toy or similar for training, please bring the toy as well. When there is snow and salt on the ground, RCTC provides a boot tray in the agility waiting area for your wet footwear and seating. RCTC features an expansive crating area with crate blankets and chairs. Free snacks are always available in the agility waiting area, as well as beverages for $1.00 each. Disposable and sterilized fabric masks are also available on site.

I don't know my dog's jump height for drills or competition. Will you measure my dog?

Yes, RCTC has a dog show wicket on site and our agility coaches can help measure your dog's whithers. Whither height determines jump height. At Redline, repetitive drills are done at lower jump heights than regulation for your dog's safety. When running full courses, you have the option to run your dog at lower jump heights than regulation or to run at your dog's competition height. Regulation heights for competition vary by agility organization.

What handling system does RCTC use?

Owner and coach D. Lynne Luckow is a certified OneMind Dogs instructor and core agility classes taught by Lynne utilize the OneMind Dogs method. The OneMind Dogs method focuses on building a magical connection between you and your dog, as well teaching you to understand what is going on in your dog’s mind on the agility course and how to communicate in a way that your dog naturally understands. Please note many RCTC students come from various agility backgrounds and handling systems, and several of our agility classes are not limited to OneMind Dogs methods.

Does RCTC agility training prepare me to compete in any type of agility organization trial?

Yes! The most popular organizations locally are AKC, USDAA, CPE and UKI, but training at RCTC will prepare you for any trial. Each weekly course features a version for AKC Novice, AKC Masters, and various USDAA@Home events. When you begin training at Redline, we provide a short questionnaire where you can list your goals and interests and your coach will tailor your training to meet your needs.


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