AKC Rally now at Redline!

AKC has approved Redline's site for Full trials and events!

Trial and title for AKC Rally

Redline is now hosting AKC Rally Virtual Pilot Program course rental

The AKC Rally Virtual Pilot Program was created due to COVID, allowing beginner and intermediate handlers to submit qualifying runs by video.

  1. Register you and your dog(s) with AKC if not already registered
  2. Review the AKC Rally Virtual Entry Instructions
  3. Reserve your Redline Rally Virtual Event course by emailing redlinelynne@hotmail.com
  4. After running, complete the AKC Rally Virtual Entry Form to submit your video
  5. Pay the AKC Rally Virtual Entry Fee through the AKC website via PayPal

Join Coach Donna Koehn for virtual Rally events at Redline!

With three qualifying scores on different courses, you'll earn an AKC Rally title!

Coming soon, one Sunday per month!

Exhibitors should be well-versed in AKC Rally rules. Exhibitors are responsible for recording their run and submitting to AKC along with the entry form and fee. Please plan accordingly.

Redline will provide:

Rally course set up for event in the *new* Redline training room

Redline Coach Donna Koehn available to answer questions

**Check back soon for dates and online reservations!**

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