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OneMind Dogs Seminars: Presented by:


June 16, 2019 (young Dogs ) June 17, 18, 2019 (Coursework Skills)
Redline Canine Training Center, LLC
W188N11770 Maple Road, Germantown, Wi  53022
TIME: 9:00am - 5:00pm (one-hour lunch)
WORKING SPOT Friday: $225.00 AUDITING SPOT Friday: $80
WORKING SPOT Saturday/Sunday: $225.00/day; $425.00 (both days)
AUDITING SPOT Saturday/Sunday: $80/day; $150 (both days); $175 (Fri, Sat, & Sun)
Snacks and Refreshments are included.

Seminar Description: Young Dogs

This seminar is the first step to start sequencing for young dogs and for anyone who wants to learn to build a strong obstacle commitment and get a better understanding of the three C’s in practice. You will learn some of the basic handling techniques to get through the sequences and learn useful skills for the future. We will 0divide the day into morning and afternoon sessions to include "Either Or" training!!  Dogs should be familiar with jumps and tunnels. No prior OneMind Dogs experience is necessary! The jump bars will be appropriately set for the dog’s size and age. We recommend this seminar for young dogs, a minimum of 7 months.

Seminar Description: Coursework Skills

This seminar is open to all levels/teams, however, this is not a foundation seminar. Your team should have a solid agility foundation and be able to sequence 5-8 obstacles. Your team does not need to be proficient on all obstacles, though all obstacles may be included on the course.  Participants will walk the course with Megan, discussing the dog's line, the handler's running points, and the different handling options for each sequence. Teams will have equal time during their turns to work through the sequences/courses at their own pace. Each team's training time will be individualized to their needs.

Auditing includes invaluable benefits! They include:

Joining in discussions * Walking and analyzing the courses * Observing a variety of different dog and handler teams as they learn and progress throughout the seminar * Access to OneMind Dogs lessons/curriculum

Anna started agility in 1999 with her Miniature Bull Terrier Giovanni. Before she got her superstar Nevian, she was running different "borrowed" dogs, a very small Schipperke and many huge Belgian Shepherds. She attended her first AWC with Flort, a lovely GRoenendael female in 2005. She got her first Border Collie in 2004. Nevian's father's Loch MacLeod, who won the FCI World Championship twice with Christine Charpentier. Nevian followed her father's footsteps and got the Silver Medal at her first World Championship in 2006. She was in the National Team each year until 2014 and won Crufts (both British Open and International), IFCS World Champion in Biathlon, the Hungarian National Championship, IABC, silver medal at the Border Collie Classic, but Anna does not count the results, because it's all about the perfect run no matter what placement it brings. She is not a judge, she prefers to run her dogs until she can't rub, but she gave a lot to the community when she was the president of the Hungarian Agility Committee from 2008 to 2015 and organized among others the Border Collie Classic and the European Open in Hungary. She is a full-time agility trainer since 2008, and she is one of the first OneMind Dogs coaches since 2014. She's working with Janita Leinonen and Jaakko Suoknuuti regularly since 2010, quite often 3-4 times per year. She hosted them four times, attended all 4 Coach Weeks, and was invited to teach in Finland too. Anna says Du, her very cute and very smart, 7 years old Miniature Bull Terrier is her best trainer ever, she forced her to learn the alpha and omega of the OneMind Dogs methodology, even the mental training part: she cannot be thankful enough for that, because she can help all different kinds of teams in agility. "she made me not only a way better coach but a perfect handler for Nebraska". Her young Border Collie is ready to start competing in March.