Brittany has been interested in dogs her entire life, always owning bully breeds until she got one of her own (a foster fail). Brittany now currently has two pit bulls and one Aussie mix! Brittany initially peaked interest in K9 spots with her pits to only find out one was way too slow for her and her other struggles with arthritis so she got her first real sporty dog, Aussie mix, Frank!

Brittany has been working with dogs for about 6 years in mostly daycare settings and small training sessions with friends and family members. She has done sport training with her own dogs, including rally, nose work, agility, dock diving, fly-ball and sheepherding! Brittany is still doing agility with Frank and has taught K9 swimming in the past. Now, Brittany is at a point in her life where she is finally ready to take the next step and teach, and she's very grateful to Lynne for this opportunity!

Brittany is super outgoing and bubbly! She works great with dogs who need a little confidence boosting or dogs who do better with praise and affection! Her attitude towards learning and teaching will peak interest in a lot of clients to keep them going! Her other job used to call her a “human squeaky toy."


S.T.A.R. Puppy & Agility Focus

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