Cassy Scrima has been competing in agility since 2013. She started with her rescue dog in UKC and AKC, and then started dabbling in CPE and UKI. She found that she really enjoys the challenge of International courses, so has gravitated more to UKI and USDAA in recent years.

Before agility, Cassy started in dog sports with obedience and then rally. She was always intrigued with agility and waited patiently to get into an agility class at her dog club. Once she was finally able to get in, her passion for the sport grew and knew from the beginning that she wanted to compete. Like many, Cassy found competition a way to showcase all of the hard work that goes into the partnership between a handler and their dog.

Cassy has always had an interest in teaching agility. Early on, she had a few opportunities to do so but didn’t feel that she was quite ready based on her own agility performance. She always enjoyed being out on the floor when other students were being taught - taking things in and offering training ideas that she thought might help the dog or handler understand better. It was thrilling to see the breakthroughs!

Cassy loves it when her dog has light bulb moments. She enjoys watching them think something through and then make the right choice. For her, competition is both thrilling and nerve wracking. It makes her step out of her comfort zone. Cassy is a competitive person by nature, and so the challenge is to be the best for herself, not to be the best against others. Training can often be the most fun for her. She loves to test her dogs skills and see what they can do without the risk of “messing up.”

With training and teaching, Cassy firmly believes in positive reinforcement. She doesn't feel that there is ever a need for harsh treatment towards a dog when it comes to training dog sports. Every experience is a learning opportunity for your dog. Dog sports are supposed to be fun! She doesn't want to make it anything but fun when she's working with them. Positive reinforcement builds trust and you need to trust your partner out on the floor.

Lastly, Cassy also believes in working with each team as an individual. Every dog and every human has different skills and talents. Cassy likes to tap into that, nurture it and watch the team grow!


Agility Focus

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