Cindy Hanisch has trained dogs almost her entire life. She began obedience training at age 11 with her family dog (Samoyed) earning a CD obedience title. Since then, Cindy has competed with several dogs earning many titles in obedience and rally, and more recently, she has acquired a MACH agility title with her Cockapoo, Chester.

For the last 7 years she has coached dog owners in obedience and agility, working with a variety of breeds ranging in age (7 weeks to 10 years). Cindy has a genuine appreciation for dogs. She enjoys helping people achieve a bonding and working relationship with their canine, and uses positive training methods combined with creative problem solving. Her philosophy centers on the belief that both humans and canines should enjoy the training process and considers training to be a lifelong commitment between owner and dog. A dog that is both mentally and physically active is happy and content, and will leave little room for unwanted behaviors. 


Obedience Focus


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