Jennifer Smith has been competing in AKC agility since 2003. Bringing her training as a high school teacher, Jennifer coaches her students to reach their goals and stay motivated in the learning process. Jennifer brings a keen eye, patience, and passion for learning. Jennifer is an avid agility competitor; on any given weekend, she can be seen running up to 8 different dogs of various levels and skills! Competing at a national level multiple times in her career, Jennifer has vast experience in international courses. She has played in the AKC World Team Tryouts and has earned MACH titles with 6 different dogs, including Whippets and English Springer Spaniels.

Jennifer’s primary goal is to stay connected with her dogs and have them stay motivated. “Without gas in the tank, ‘fancy’ moves do not matter,“ says Jennifer. She firmly believes that even a medium or slower speed dog appreciates good, clear handling and early information that builds confidence, which ultimately builds more speed. First and foremost to Jennifer, agility is all about fun, and she won’t tolerate any other mindset.

Redline is very proud to welcome Jennifer Smith to our training team!


Agility Focus


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