Life Lessons

Life Lessons give you and your dog the perfect foundation for a balanced and happy companion or competition dog.

Life Lessons training is all about giving you the appropriate toolkit for a wonderful relationship with dog in your everyday life. It also teaches core fundamentals for canine sports and hones essential skills for experienced sport and competition dogs. You'll build confidence, improve manners, increase focus and strengthen the connection between you and your furry family with Life Lessons.


Are Life Lessons classes right for me and my dog?

Our Life Lessons classes are ideal for anyone new to training or who has a new dog of any age as well experienced handlers or competition dogs that need a little extra help with some common problem areas, such as focus/distractions, loose-leash walking, recall, start-line stays and more.

My dog and I have training experience. Which Life Lessons class should I sign up for?

If you and your dog have training experience, please contact us to discuss class placement with RCTC Life Lessons coach Kim Wayne.

What training methods are promoted at RCTC?

RCTC uses positive reinforcement training methods only and does not support the use of the prong collars, choke chains, e-collars or other aversive training tools.

What do I need to bring to class and what does RCTC provide?

When you come to class, we ask that you wear a mask and bring plenty of treats, a treat bag or belt and a leash. If your dog uses a tug toy or similar for training, please bring the toy as well. When there is snow and salt on the ground, RCTC provides a boot tray in the agility waiting area for your wet footwear and seating. RCTC features a crating area in the Skills room with crate blankets and chairs. Free snacks are always available in the agility waiting area, as well as beverages for $1.00 each. Disposable and sterilized fabric masks are also available on site.


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