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Loret Bartol


Loret has been training in agility since 2003.  Prior to her agility career, Loret owned, trained, and showed an Arabian mare, which she did until 2008. This unique experience helped to shape Loret’s knowledge and passion for the human-animal connection.  Loret has earned many titles over her extensive agility career, with her main focus being on UKI and USDAA. She has attended a Nationals event every year in one or the other venue since 2010. Loret’s many titles include:  UKI 4 IWACS, AKC 1 Mach, and USDAA 2 ADCH. 


An avid seminar attendee, Loret has sought to learn from a variety of trainers with different handling styles. Regardless of the system, Loret’s primary focus is always on connection and what works best for the team.  This belief has allowed Loret to excel both as a handler and instructor.  She has taught courses from puppy foundations to masters level agility. Loret believes that not all dogs and people work the same, and attributes her extensive career as an accountant to possessing a great eye for detail and consistency. Her teaching style is very upbeat and happy, focusing on all positive reinforcement in getting handlers to really connect with their dogs and in doing so, becoming successful in and out of the ring.


Loret shares her life with four dogs, actively competing with three.  She is currently in the process of getting a puppy with whom she will continue in her agility journey!


Redline is very proud to welcome Loret to the Training Team!

Loret Bartol