Lory Valley has been competing with her dogs in obedience and rally for 11 years. She started to compete in obedience with her Chihuahua Trouble quite successfully, and after that, she was hooked! She has many placements in Rally with her dogs, and one of her dogs has received high combined and earned her RAE2.

Lory has been helping people learn obedience for the last six years and loves watching dogs and people learn. By coaching, she hopes people see what wonderful sports obedience and rally are. Rally is a great way to get into the sport of competitive obedience. There are a lot of fun maneuvers to learn and the versatility of the course - knowing it will be different each time you step into the ring - makes it a lot of fun. Lory believes there is nothing better than stepping up to the start line with your teammate.

Lory is driven to train by her belief that dogs are amazing creatures, and because they're so smart and love games, it makes training incredibly rewarding. She is motived to compete by the "ah ha" moments for either her or her dog and enjoys sharing those moments with her students as well. Her training philosophy? "Remember our canine partner did not come into this world knowing how to do anything we want them to learn. We have to show them what we want. Be patient, work through training on the dog’s timeline, not ours."


Obedience & Rally Focus


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