Max started training dogs in 2010 when he purchased his first German Shepherd. This was the first dog that he had ever owned and after going through basic puppy manners classes he started working towards AKC obedience and rally titles. Through training and titling that first dog he found out about the sport of Schutzhund/IPO and joined OG Bierstadt Schutzhund Club. There he began doing helper work and focusing on increasing his knowledge of obedience training. He is now the training director of OG Bierstadt and continues to attend seminars in order to increase his knowledge of dog training and behavior. Max has titled his second dog to an IPO3 at the national level.

As a trainer, Max focuses on working dogs in high drive and training a dog to be an operant and active thinker. Max is happy to work with anyone looking to better their obedience or try out Schutzhund and see if their dog is capable of the great sport. He offers group or private lessons in all three phases of Schutzhund, which include: tracking, obedience, and protection.


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