OneMind Dogs Seminars:
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Megan Foster
This seminar is particularly geared for dogs of all ages and experience level.  Only jumps and tunnels will be used to focus ion the Techniques in each session. Young Dogs may choose any day!!

February 7, 2020 (Either Or Training, Tunnel Techniques)

February 8,2020 (Understanding and Handing Trap Obstacles and

                     Connection Loops: Where to look an agility course)

February 9, 2020 (Handling from Behind and Handling with more distance)

February 10, 2020 Private Lessons (8am - 3pm)

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Redline Canine Training Center, LLC
W188N11770 Maple Road, Germantown, WI  53022
TIME: 9:00am - 5:00pm (one-hour lunch)

WORKING SPOT Friday: $ 225.00 AUDITING SPOT Friday: $80
WORKING SPOT Saturday/Sunday: $ 225.00/day

AUDITING SPOT Saturday/Sunday: $80/day; $150 (both days); $175 (Fri, Sat, & Sun)

Private lessons $115.00 per hour
Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Refreshments are included.Vegetarian Options available!

Seminar Description: Friday

Either Or Training
Megan's favorite type of training is either-or training! This type of training structure teaches students to better understand their dog's responses on course by learning to control mistakes and learn from them. Understanding whose behavior needs changing, the handler or the dogs, gives each team the ability to coach themselves when training at home. Coursework will be broken into shorter sequences as needed. Only jumps and tunnels will be used.
Tunnel Techniques!
Tunnels seem so simple, but ultimately, they are the hardest to predict our dog's path out of them! This session will focus on cueing different exits of tunnels and being able to predict your dog's line as they exit the tunnel. Avoid tunnel "blackouts" and know exactly how to set your dog's line to the correct end of the tunnel, cue a variety of tunnel exits, and maintain your connection through the tunnel! Technique training will be broken down for any level, as long as they know the tunnel! Sequences can be made longer/shorter depending on experience level. Only jumps and tunnels will be used.

Seminar Description: Saturday

Understanding & Handling Trap-Obstacles
Your job as the handler is to control where your dog is looking! Your dog should be guided throughout the course in a way that puts the correct obstacles on his path. In this session, students will analyze their dog's reality lines and plan strategies appropriate for their team to keep their lines efficient and speed optimal with an emphasis on proactive handling cues. Coursework will be broken into shorter sequences as needed. Only jumps and tunnels will be used.

Connection Loops: Where to look on an agility course
In this session, Megan will discuss what she refers to as "connection loop", and how to train your eyes to stay connected with your dog while still knowing where you are going. In this series of fun human games and training drills, handlers will feel more in control of correct timing and less rushed on course. Only jumps and tunnels will be used.

Seminar Description : Sunday 

Handling from Behind
This session is about demystifying the rear cross and lap turn. Students will learn which technique is better for replacing more common techniques like the front cross and blind cross, while perfecting their timing and footwork on a variety of course challenges. Coursework will be broken into shorter sequences as needed. Only jumps and tunnels will be used.
Handling with more Distance
This session will focus on the techniques that allow the handler to be further away from the obstacles, which gives them the ability to get further down the line on course, to stay ahead and maintain the ability to give timely, proactive cues on course. Suitable for all agility teams - you can't always be everywhere, you know! Techniques for more distance can help improve your Gamblers/FAST skills as well, being able to swap from a handling style that is close to the obstacles to a handling style that requires more distance. Coursework will be broken into shorter sequences as needed. Only jumps and tunnels will be used.

WARNING!!! Megan's seminar's are educational in nature!!  Be prepared to advance both your skills and understanding of coursework, teamwork with your dog and an overall understanding of all the components of the session materials.

Auditing includes invaluable benefits! They include:

Joining in discussions * Walking and analyzing the courses * Observing a variety of different dog and handler teams as they learn and progress throughout the seminar * Access to OneMind Dogs lessons/curriculum

Megan Foster has been training in agility nearly her entire life. With seventeen years of experience, she has worked with hundreds of dogs within a large variety of breeds. In 1999, she began competing with her first Shetland Sheepdog, Buddy. Buddy taught Megan about the powerful humane-canine bond and inspired her to pursue a career in agility. In 2005, she attended her first national event and took fifth place in the $10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase Finals. Megan also became a USDAA Judge - the youngest ever - at 13 years old. Since then, she has competed at national events every year with multiple dogs, taking a dog to the finals many times. A highly sought-after trainer and OneMind Dogs Assistant Coach, she currently competes with her two border collies, Smack and Shock, and Shrek, a Parson Russell Terrier. Megan teaches at Synergy Dog Sports in Washington State and travels throughout the country as a judge and instructor. Megan’s passion as a trainer is to teach agility handling and training from the dog’s perspective and to coach agility handlers of all ages to handle intuitively and with efficiency, ultimately creating happy dogs

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