Nosework provides enrichment and engagement by satisfying your dog's natural instinct to hunt.

Nosework builds confidence, teamwork and opens up a whole new world of connection with your dog. During training, dogs learn to find one of three scents and progress to identify where the scent is hidden: indoors, outdoors, in containers and in vehicles.  From puppies to seniors, Nosework is the perfect activity for healthy dogs, dogs with physical/health limitations, reactive dogs and more. Because a dedicated space isn't required, Nosework can be practiced easily at home, in small living areas, during travel and uses little equipment.


I'm new to Nosework. Where do I start?

The Intro to Nosework class is the best place to start with if you and your dog have no prior Nosework experience. The Intro to Nosework course teaches the mechanics of handling your dog during a search and developing alert signals when the scent is found.

I have experience in Nosework but am new to Redline. Where do I start?

If you and your dog have Nosework experience through another training facility or have trained Nosework at home, please contact us to discuss class placement with RCTC Nosework coach Ellen Mack.

What do I need to bring to class and what does RCTC provide?

When you come to class, we ask that you wear a mask and bring plenty of treats, a treat bag or belt and a leash. If your dog uses a tug toy or similar for training, please bring the toy as well. When there is snow and salt on the ground, RCTC provides a boot tray in the agility waiting area for your wet footwear and seating. RCTC features a crating area in the Skills room with crate blankets and chairs. Free snacks are always available in the agility waiting area, as well as beverages for $1.00 each. Disposable and sterilized fabric masks are also available on site.


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