OneMind Dogs

Dog training from the dog's perspective.

The OneMind Dogs method focuses on building a magical connection between you and your dog, as well teaching you to understand what is going on in your dog’s mind on the agility course and how to communicate in a way that your dog naturally understands.


Do I need a OneMind Dogs membership to take your OneMind Dogs agility classes?

You are not required to have a OneMind Dogs membership to take our OneMind Dogs agility classes. However, it is highly encouraged! If you aren't ready to register for a monthly OneMind Dogs membership, you can still register for free to recieve some of the great benefits.

What do I get with a OneMind Dogs free membership?

Limited online puppy and agility OneMind Dogs training lessons, webinars and special online events are included within your free OneMind Dogs membership, as well as unlimited access to the OneMind Dogs blog. Sign up for free here!

What do I get with a OneMind Dogs premium monthly membership?

OneMind Dogs offers two online programs with separate subscription fees: puppy training and agility training. You can subscribe monthly or select one of two other pricing options, which are discounted. View all pricing options here or take advantage of this exclusive offer from your OneMind Dogs coach, D. Lynne Luckow.

Online Agility Training
  • Agility for all dogs at any level
  • Unlimited access to 400+ lessons, videos and articles
  • Detailed training advice and support
  • New content every fortnight
  • Exclusive members community and offers
Puppy-Approved Online Training
  • Guided lesson path from puppy to good dog
  • Helps prevent common puppy problems
  • Videos, tips & troubleshooting
  • Personal support from puppy trainers
  • Try it free for 7 days – no credit card, no worries
What do I need to bring to my OneMind Dogs class and what does RCTC provide?

When you come to class, we ask that you wear a mask and bring plenty of treats, a treat bag or belt, a leash, and appropriate shoes for running on the turf. If your dog uses a tug toy or similar for training, please bring the toy as well. When there is snow and salt on the ground, RCTC provides a boot tray in the agility waiting area for your wet footwear and seating. RCTC features an expansive crating area with crate blankets and chairs. Free snacks are always available in the agility waiting area, as well as beverages for $1.00 each. Disposable and sterilized fabric masks are also available on site.


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