Rally is a fun, relaxed twist on traditional obedience with a strong focus on teamwork.

Rally is an exciting, up-and-coming sport with roots in Obedience. Rally uses many of the same cues as Obedience, but are executed in a sequenced course. Handlers walk through with their dog at a brisk pace and can use verbal commands, clap and praise. Scoring is less rigorous than Obedience, but can be as casual or competitive as you'd like. Like other dog sports, Rally is an excellent way to strengthen your bond with your dog as well as hone Obedience skills with a more playful, game-like approach.


I'm new to Rally. Where do I start?

Rally begins with learning the obedience skills needed to perform a Rally Course. Obedience Foundation 1 with Amy is the best place to start with if you and your dog have no prior Rally training experience.  Redline offers unique hybrid Obedience-Rally classes! Each week you will learn the obedience skills needed to perform the behaviors needed to successfully complete the Rally Course the following week.  This motivational method has proven itself to increase scores in the show ring.  Training Obedience or Rally does not need to to be done for competition.  Having a good Obedience Foundation for your dog will make for a happy and healthy life.

I have experience in Rally but am new to Redline. Where do I start?

If you and your dog have Rally experience through another training facility or have trained Rally at home, please contact us to discuss class placement with RCTC Obedience & Rally coach Amy Schmidt.

What training methods are promoted at RCTC?

RCTC uses positive motivational reinforcement training methods only and does not support the use of the prong collars, choke chains, e-collars or other aversive training tools.

Does my dog need basic Obedience skills mastered to participate in Rally?

No, your dog doesn't need Obedience skills mastered. It's helpful to have a background with some cues, such as sit, down, stay, recall and heel, but our foundations course will help you and your dog learn the wide variety of commands found on a Rally course.

What do I need to bring to class and what does RCTC provide?

When you come to class,  bring plenty of treats, a treat bag or belt and a leash. If your dog uses a tug toy or similar for training, please bring the toy as well. When there is snow and salt on the ground, RCTC provides a boot tray in the agility waiting area for your wet footwear and seating. RCTC features a crating area in the Skills room with crate blankets and chairs. Free snacks are always available in the agility waiting area, as well as beverages for $1.00 each. Disposable and sterilized fabric masks are also available on site.


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