The USDAA@Home! program was created due to COVID, allowing you and your dog to submit qualifying runs by video. RCTC features weekly USDAA@Home! agility events.

There are no USDAA@Home events or courses this week. Please check back!

How It Works

  1. Register you and your dog(s) with USDAA as competitors if not already a member
  2. Check out this week's Redline USDAA@Home! agility event courses, which will tell you which event to select in Step 4
  3. Reserve your course turf at Redline
  4. Review USDAA Event Requirements, select the correct event, and log in to your USDAA account to enroll
  5. Record your USDAA@Home! event course runs - both courses (module 1 and 2) are required to qualify!
  6. Upload your video via a YouTube or Vimeo link through your USDAA account no later than the day after the event ends and submit your video, run time, score, and jump height.

You are responsible for registering for the event on USDAA and submitting your video to USDAA before the appropriate deadlines. You are also responsible for submitting your run time, jump height, and score.

USDAA@Home! courses are only valid for a specific window of time. To submit a qualifying run, you must register for your event and complete both courses listed on the event within the listed dates.

For Pairs Relay, be sure your partner is also registered and have the registration number for your partner's dog. Registration closes a few days before the event ends. Redline will help you record your run when staff is available to do, but the rest is up to you!

USDAA@Home! Resources

About USDAA@Home & How It Works

How to Record Time & Video Guidelines

How to Report Your Scores & Video


Super Q Snooker

USDAA event dates 12/25/2020 – 01/31/2021

Entry Deadline: 01/31/2021 11:59pm EDT • Score Reporting Deadline: 02/01/2021 11:59pm EDT

USDAA@Home! Turf Rental at Redline

Each week a nested group of courses will be set in the main arena. Starter/Advanced/Masters will be available within each course set up on Redline agility turf and available to rent every weekend!!

Redline USDAA@Home! Event Courses

Check out this week's USDAA@Home courses available at RCTC! Course maps for each event module are posted with links to the event packet, which includes a PDF for course maps with event instructions and requirements.

Weekly course available Monday 1/18 through Saturday 1/23

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