USDAA Rally now at Redline!

USDAA has approved Redline's site for Full trials and events!

Trial and title for USDAA in Rally

NEW at Redline:

USDAA@Home! titling event course rental

The USDAA@Home program was created due to COVID, allowing you and your dog to submit qualifying runs by video.

Each event may have only one or multiple modules required for qualification. Please read USDAA event briefings and requirements for your selected event carefully.

You are responsible for registering for the event on USDAA, editing your video, and submitting your video to USDAA before the appropriate deadlines. You are also responsible for submitting your score. Redline will help you record your run when staff is available to do so, but the rest is up to you!

  1. Register you and your dog(s) with USDAA as competitors if not already a member
  2. Review USDAA Event Requirements, select an event, and log in to your USDAA account to enroll
  3. Reserve your USDAA event slot at Redline - all Rally events use a 25' x 40' course
  4. Upload your video through your USDAA account no later than the day after the event ends

Exhibitors should be well-versed in USDAA Rally rules. Exhibitors are responsible for recording their run and submitting to USDAA along with the entry form and fee. Please plan accordingly.

Redline will provide:

25' x 40' Rally course set up in the *new* Redline training room

Timer for run, if staff in attendance

Video recording of run, if staff in attendance

Please contact if interested in Rally event course rental

USDAA Rally Events


Individual Levels: 1, 2 & 3

Dual Levels: 1/2 & 2/3

Triple Level 1-3


*New events posted weekly*

USDAA@Home Fall Festival Tournament

October 2020 at Redline

Since the 2020 Cynosport® World Games and the National Titling Championship has been cancelled, the USDAA created the USDAA@Home Fall Festival as a special 2020 event. The USDAA@Home Fall festival will feature Cynosport combined with qualification opportunities for titles.

  • Offered in addition to normal USDAA@Home titling events
  • Earn title qualifications towards USDAA tournament and versatility titles
  • Special series of events for Rally!

Please contact if interested in renting courses for Fall Festival Rally events.

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