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Owner of Redline Canine Training Center & Behavioral Consultation, LLC., D. Lynne Luckow brings more than 40 years of dog training experience to a completely positive modular training program. A highly sought-after trainer and seminar presenter of her DWI (Dogs With Issues) classes, Lynne works with a wide spectrum of dogs including shy-reactive dogs, fear-aggressive dogs, and dogs with general household behavioral issues. As a national-level agility competitor and trainer, Lynne loves to use agility for relationship building between dog/owner teams. Her special interest is shelter/rescue dogs.  RCTC is conveniently located in Southeastern Wisconsin with easy access from Milwaukee, Madison and Fox Valley.  





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Announcing the implementation of the best PUPPY FOUNDATION  your puppy can achieve!!  New at Redline Canine Training Center and Behavioral Consultation.