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Canine Training Center and Behavioral Consultation

Redline Canine Training Center & Behavioral Consultation, LLC., is conveniently located in Southeastern Wisconsin at: W188 N11770 Maple Road, Germantown, WI 53022

It is 5 minutes off of I-41 and Hwy 167 (Lannon Rd), with easy access from Milwaukee, Madison, Northern Illinois and the Fox Valley.

As owner of RCTC, D. Lynne Luckow brings more than 40 years of dog training experience to a completely positive modular training program. A highly sought-after trainer and seminar presenter of her DWI (Dogs With Issues) classes, Lynne works with a wide spectrum of dogs including shy-reactive dogs, fear-aggressive dogs and dogs with general household behavioral issues. Redline Canine Training Center has earned a strong and well-known reputation as a premier dog training facility that attracts an overwhelming amount of new students weekly. As a National-level agility competitor and trainer, Lynne loves to use agility for relationship building between dog/owner teams. She is the only handler in the midwest trained in the OneMind Dogs Method of agility handling, keeping Redline students on the cutting edge!! Her special interest lies in finding the connection between the dog and handler, which provides for amazing sport teams AND the perfect best friend!! In November 2019, Lynne completed her Instructor training with OneMind Dogs!!

USDAA, UKI, AKC & CPE are coming to Redline!

In 2021, Redline Canine Training Center will start hosting our first USDAA, UKI, AKC & CPE-sanctioned agility trials!


Lynne Luckow has the unusual skill of being able to move between teaching dogs and people seamlessly. Her communication with both species is clear, concise, and objective while her reinforcement of both is always quick and very positive. In working with her, I found that she has the uncanny knack to be able to immediately discern what her clients need and then quickly go to work helping them achieve their goals. Lynne’s a problem solver.

In every lesson we’ve had with Lynne, I’ve always found her to be extremely generous with her time, skills, and knowledge. She's a great teacher and Hartley and I continue to learn from her today.

Loretta and "Hartley" (2/2012)

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